Samsung Splash

The following Graphic User Interface (GUI) were developed as a part of Samsung Splash – Smart TV app design contest floated by Samsung India in September 2011. The app was based on Indian Cuisines. The app provided detailed instructions for the preparation dishes from Gulab Jamun to Biryani. The app was aimed to help the users in their cooking work by setting reminders for various purposes and having suggestions through the app.

Homepage for the app

GUI for Around India

Categories under Maharashtrian Menu

Maharashtrian dessert menu

Ingredients and Preparation of Kheer

GUI for festival specific dishes.

Festives menu

Diwali related dishes

Preparation of Gajar ka Halwa

GUI for dishes that are cooked on a daily basis.

GUI for Khana Rozana with suggestions based on weather forecast on the internet

Preparation of rice

The app also had the feature of setting up an alarm and also it gave suggestions on dishes that could be prepared based on the weather forecast on the internet.

Reminder with an inbuilt alarm


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