Advay Crafts

Advay Crafts is a startup in the field of Indian handicrafts that sells Indian handicrafts belonging to various ethnographic backgrounds.A complete branding has been done for Advay Crafts right from creating its brand identity to business card design. Other deliverables that were required to be designed included Product labels, Thank you note, Envelope design and Bookmark design.

composition for the identity:

Advay Crafts Identity in primary color scheme

Advay Crafts Identity in monchromatic color scheme

The client has expressed her desire of unifying all the deliverable’s. The aim was to design all the materials such that they represent one common signature of the company. It was not just about design but creating a branding strategy.

business card design:

Front side of the business card

Back side of the business card

Product labels to be put on various products that Advay Crafts dealt with. Two different sized labels both plain and with product description were designed.

Medium size plain label

Medium size label with product description

thank you note:

Thank yo note for the customers


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